The quantitative Vitamin D test (with Cube Reader) is designed for health care professionals, especially professionals that are frequently confronted with checking vitamin D status, e.g. dieticians, GPs, occupational health specialists, physicians in geriatric care, personal trainers etc.

Are you a consumer/patient and would you you like to have your blood tested for Vitamin D? Please contact your health care provider or use our selftest.

This test requires 10 µl of whole blood from a fingerprick. The required lancet and micro collection tube are included in the package.

  • The sample is applied to a test cassette, the sample will migrate to the test fields.
  • After 15 minutes, the Cube Reader will provide a number, the Vitamin D concentration in the blood



Quick Profile™ Vitamin D Test utilizes the principle of immunochromatography, using a unique two-site “Sandwich” immunoassay on the test membrane.  The test uses an exclusive pair of anti-25-OH Vitamin D Monoclonal Antibodies; one conjugated with colloidal gold and another one immobilized on the test region of the test cassette. This will selectively detect Vitamin D with a high degree of sensitivity and specificity.

As the test sample flows through the test device’s membrane, the colored anti-25-OH Vitamin D-colloidal gold forms a complex with 25-OH Vitamin D from the sample.  This complex moves further on the membrane to the test region (T) where it is immobilized by anti-25-OH Vitamin D, which is coated in the test region and is causing the formation of a pink / purple colored band. The intensity of colored band in the test region is dependent on the Vitamin D concentration in the sample, a higher the concentration of 25-OH Vitamin D in the tested sample, results in a darker band. A control line is present in the test window to work as procedural control. If the test device is stored in good conditions and the test is performed appropriately, the Control band should always appear.

The test cassettes are produced by Lumiquick Diagnostics Inc. in Santa Clara, California, United States.



Step 1:

The UNISTIK 3® safety lancet: twist the cap to unlock the needle, continue twisting the cap until you feel it releasing from the device, then pull the cap from the device.


Step 2:

Clean the skin surface with an alcohol pad before using the safety lancet. Wait for the alcohol to be dry before placing the safety lancet on the finger.

When using the UNISTIK 3® safety lancet: press the lancet firmly on the subject’s finger and press the injection button.

After the injection, the lancet will automatically retract.

Watch the instruction video: Unistik 3® safety lancet.



Step 1:

Prepare the collection tube by adding 5 drops of buffer solution from the buffer bottle to the empty collection container.

Step 2:

Hold the collection device horizontally against the blood droplet.


Due to the capillary working mechanism of the collection device, the blood collection will stop automatically after 10µl of blood has been collected.

Step 3:

Place the collection device in the buffer solution container, press the collection device firmly into the buffer solution.

Step 4:

Mix the sample and the buffer solution together. Make sure you mix thoroughly; the blood should be fully mixed with the buffer solution.

Step 5:

Remove the cap of the collection device & open the pouch containing the test cassette.

Step 6:

Hold the collection tube horizontally over the test disk and add 3 drops of sample on the sampling place (S) of the test cassette.

After the drops have been added to the test cassette set a timer on 15 minutes.

The results are ready for intrepretation after 15 minutes, chose one of the following options:



If two colored bands at Controle region (C) and Test region (T) are visible at 15 minutes, compare the color intensity of  the bands in het Test Line (T) with tow Reference Bands (sufficient or deficient) on the Color Chart provided in the kit.


Step 1: Place test cassette into adapter

Place the test cassette in the cube adapter, please check the marking on the adapter before placing the test cassette, the correct orientation is shown on the adapter.


Step 2: Place cube reader on the top of adapter

Place the cube reader on the adapter containing the test cassette. Please mind that there is only one way to fit the adapter on the cube.

Stap 3: Turn-on the cube

Please make sure the batteries in the cube reader are full and/or make sure you bring the USB cable and a laptop when performing the test.

Turn the cube reader on by pressing the grey button on top of the cube shortly (~1 second). When the display says “ON” press the grey button again shortly (~1 second) to start testing immediately.

Step 4: Upload Vitamin D test configuration and lot specific data from the RFID card to the cube reader

The cube reader will show the text “RFID”, please place the RFID card on the cube reader. After a short signal the cube reader will be ready to start the test, the text “TEST” will be visible on the screen.

Step 5: Start measurement 

Press the button again, hereafter the screen the test will run as can be seen by the text “RUN” shown on the cube reader.

Watch the Cube Reader video to see how the measurement is performed.