ProDiag introduces the first quantitative Point-of-Care test for the determination of Vitamin D, from fingerprick whole blood

For healthcare professionals in such Point-of-Care settings this means that for a little over 12 Euro per test, you will:

·         get a reliable quantitative result within 15 minutes in front of the patient/client

·         be able to immediately share and discuss the result

·         be able to immediately implement the optimal Vitamin D suppletion regime, if so required

·         be able to monitor the build up of Vitamin D levels during treatment

·         be able to initiate the optimal maintenance dosing after initial high dosing regime

·         be able to check everyy  months if the chosen dosages keep delivering the right levels in whole blood

More on the test principle, manufactured in the US (test cassette) and Germany (Cube Reader).

All products are CE certified, test cassettes have shelf lives up to 2 years.

This rapid test performs with variation coefficients of around 10% at higher Vitamin D levels and 30% at lower Vitamin D levels. Comparing to the golden standard of LC/MS, a strong correlation was found.

This test is the first rapid test admitted to the international, independent external quality assurance program called DEQAS and showed good scores in the 2 latest rounds, even comparable to fully automated methods.

More on Vitamin D (Dutch).