POC Blood Grouping test HemoGroup M now comes with CE certificate

Order now, delivery within couple of weeks

EC Certificate No. 1434-IVDD-040/2020

ProDiag signs a distribution agreement with CTK Diagnostics from CA, USA

ProDiag has signed a distribution agreement with CTK Diagnostics in order to complete its professional point-of-care testing range in the Benelux.

Products to be added will be tests for e.g Influenza A/B, Syphilis, Herpes and Strep A.

ProDiag and ISO 13485:2016

ProDiag has initiated a project together with CEPartner4U to establish a quality system according to the ISO standard 13485:2016.

This process is planned to be completed in mid 2020, making ProDiag a certified distributor well ahead of time to comply with new IVDR requirements.

ProDiag is now supplying the Vein Navi® Illuminator

The NAVI-60 Vein Illuminator privdes a real time accurate image of vasculature on the surface of the skin, which helps clinicians to verify the status of the veins and reduces risk of venipuncture.



MedCaptain and ProDiag sign a distribution agreement for HaemaT4 (hemostasis) in Benelux

MedCaptain Europe B.V. and ProDiag B.V. have signed a first exclusive agreement covering the Benelux for the IVD hemostasis product line: HaemaT4.

The HaemaT4 provides thromboelastography data, giving a full picture on clot formation (coagulation) and dissolving of the clot (fibrinolysis).

ProDiag and MedCaptain will explore additional territories to work in together.

We look forward to building this product line into a big success.

MedCaptain’s vein illumination product Vein Navi will also be distibuted by ProDiag.



ProDiag launches NanoRepro products in the Benelux region

ProDiag is promoting the NanoRepro product range in the Benelux:

  • allergy: milk, gluten, and a combo test for house dust, pollen and hair
  • fertility: ovulation LH, pregnancy HCG and sperm count tests
  • menopauze test FSH
  • other: Ferritin, TSH, alcohol, helicobacter C

First customers have started measuring ketone concentrations

With certain diets, inducing ketosis is an explicit goal. In such cases, it makes sense to verify IF ketosis has been induced, and if it still within safe levels, before ketoacidosis (< 8 mmol/l). Our customers have started to gain experience in measuring from finger prick whole blood with our reader.

Hepatitis C rapid test now available, CE certified

ProDiag will as of today be delivering the InTec anti-HCV rapid test, on request. This test has a 99.8% specificity and a 99.7% sensitivity.

ProDiag will be distributing InTec HIV and HCV rapid tests in Benelux

ProDiag will be promoting and distributing HIV and HCV rapid tests for professional use from InTec Products Inc. in Xiamen, China. The rapid tests are CE marked and of high quality, as recognized by the Global Fund to fight ATM.

ProDiag will visit MEDICA 2017: November 13-16

ProDiag will visit MEDICA 2017, contact us to set up a meeting